Experience the Byron Bay vibe

Experience the Byron Bay vibe

So why is Byron Bay so special?

How to experience the Byron Bay vibe ?

What is this inexplicable vibe that everyone raves about?

Experience the Byron Bay vibe?There are many ways to experience the Byron Bay vibe. On a more superficial level you can walk around town dressed as you please, barefoot connecting with the smiley locals. Or you can soak up the laid back ambiance sitting at one of Byron Bay’s many cafes, which is the town’s lifestyle preoccupation. Sit back and observe the surfers, tourists, backpackers, hippies, businessmen, hipsters, Hare Krishna’s, locals as they intermingle. A short walk through town you arrive onto Byron Bay Main Beach where you can marvel at Byron’s infamous bay, encircled by its soft hills and lush subtropical greenery. From The Pass, where many surfers conglomerate, with the right light the bay looks like an old romantic Chinese painting where water and mountain connect. Luckily enough the area’s natural environment has always been protected by its community with strong ecological values, from heavy handed over development. So no high rise buildings or McDonald’s in sight.

We can also look at Byron Bay from a more spiritual perspective. It is renowned as a place of transformation and healing. The aboriginals, the Arkwal people, who are part of the Bundjalung Nation from the East Coast of Australia, say that it’s been a place of healing for over 20 000 years. It is a unique sacred land made up of velvety tea tree lakes, breathtaking beaches, majestic subtropical rain forest guarded by Wollumbin (Mount Warning), the 23 million year old volcano which sits on powerful obsidian crystal soil. It is a land where the aboriginals gathered for ceremony, birthing and spiritual respite. These conditions united seem to procure the ideal environment for change within oneself. This is probably the reason why so many people are drawn to Byron Bay for self development, workshops, detox retreats, yoga retreats, healing treatments (check out the famous healing centre Byron Medicine Wheel) … Maybe, the fact that it’s the first place on mainland Australia to be touched by the sun rays makes it so special – who knows. One thing is for sure, the abundance and beauty of Byron Bay’s nature brings people back to what is essential – oneself and the interconnectedness with all living things.

Experience the Byron Bay vibe?

Byron Bay local artist Aurelien Floret

Byron Bay has always been a magnet for alternative thinkers, alternative therapies, socially conscious communities and anyone who thinks outside the box will feel at home here. It’s not uncommon to hear people say it is a place where you feel at ‘home’, probably because you can be yourself.

When traveling from the Gold Coast Airport to Byron Bay, you instantly start to unwind as you absorb the beauty of the landscape as you enter the northern part of the Northern Rivers region. While spotting along the way Mount Warning (Wollumbin) dominating the horizon along side the meandering Tweed River.

Who knows exactly why people come to Byron Bay, it certainly is hard to be indifferent to the place. So why not open your senses and heart chakra by spending a bit of time in this marvelous part of the world.

Experience the Byron Bay vibe was written by Corinne Woodward

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