a visit to Bangalow NSW

a visit to Bangalow NSW

If you’re visiting Byron Bay then take some time for a visit to Bangalow NSW , one of Byron shire’s most beautiful town.

a visit to Bangalow NSW

The name of the town seems to have been derived from an Aboriginal word “Bangalla” said to mean “a low hill” or a type of palm tree.

Bangalow is situated 15-20 mins drive south from Byron Bay and has a population of 1900 inhabitants. You will discover a town in total contrast to Byron Bay, more peaceful with a rural, chic touch. A place where all the city folks from Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and other Australian cities like to hang out, possibly buy a second home or eventually move to permanently to experience the country town style living. Its attractiveness is mostly due to its typical Australian 19th century architecture with its weather board building and high verandas.

The other attraction that draws in the crowds, particularly on market day, is the cute boutiques, art galleries, antique shops, fancy cafes and restaurants with an old country village feel. Bangalow has been able to preserve its authenticity with old fashioned pharmacy, pump station, knitting shop, hardware store, … It is what Australians call a historical town, so if you want to get a taste of old Australia’s country living then you have come to the right place.

a visit to Bangalow NSW

To add to its charm, Bangalow’s surrounding area is enveloped with rolling green hills, windy country lanes, picturesque cow paddocks and a patchwork of fruit and macadamia trees. In fact, the drive from Byron Bay to Bangalow on the Old Bangalow Road is well worth the detour, with its stunning views of the countryside with the Pacific Ocean as a back drop. Other than in summer, the town particularly comes alive on market days Saturdays for the fruit and vegetable market with a wide range of locally grown organic produce. As well as baked products, breads, preserves, and nuts.

Additionally, you have the colourful artisan market with its festive ambiance, on the last Sunday of the month. This market is a melting pot of hand made crafts, clothes, healing tents and psychic readers, plants topped with delicious food and coffee.

a visit to Bangalow NSW  This style of market with its beautiful location, gives us a glimpse of what it must have been like to live a few centuries ago where everyone gathered from the surrounding area for the social event – which markets often are. It is definitely one of the regions best locations for a market, shaded by its magnificent ancient trees.

So  you go for a visit to Bangalow NSW you may ask what do we do in Banglow other than eat and shop? There are quite few events to mark on the calendar. As much as Byron loves music of all genres, only Bangalow offers a Classical Music Festival that takes place in August including chamber and orchestral musicians from all around the world. Ultimately Banglow is the place to be for food with its gourmet restaurants and to top it all it has a festival called the Sample Food Festival in September. A colourful and creative event that attracts over 15,000 visitors each year with 200 stall holders including local restaurant owners, farmers and local food producers. For those who come to the area for self development then the festival to attend is the Starlight Festival featuring psychics, channels, mediums, healers and includes engaging workshops, music and talks. It takes place twice a year at the beginning of Jan. and Easter.

For children and for those who don’t want to grow up you must participate in the Billy Cart Derby held in May. a visit to Bangalow NSW The main street of Banglow transforms into a course and the carts go full speed ahead from the top of the hill down towards the river, plunging into well-placed hay bales at the bottom. Lots of fun for a good cause as the event raises money for local charities. If that is not enough in November, you have the Bangalow Show. Probably one of Bangalow’s oldest events, a show dedicated to agriculture, where people can buy, sell and show animals, produce and crafts. It is truly a fun event with competitions such as ‘A Day in the Life of a Stockman’, where participants are asked, among other things, to down a warm beer and eat a cold pie. To top it all, the event finishes off with spectacular fireworks. Real value for all ages!

From the outside, Bangalow may seem like any other sleepy country town, but there is a lot more to Bangalow than meets the eye.

a visit to Bangalow NSW was written by Corinne Woodward

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